Sexyy Red on Working With Nicki Minaj & How Drake’s ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ Came Together #SexyyRed

billboard December 07, 2023 Sexyy Red 23
Sexyy Red on Working With Nicki Minaj & How Drake’s ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ Came Together #SexyyRed

On Wednesday (Dec. 6), Sexyy joined Billboard on Instagram Threads to also chat about the deluxe version of Hood Hottest Princess.

Sexyy Red joined Billboard on Instagram Threads on Wednesday (Dec. 6) to speak about the success of “Pound Town 2,” enlisting Nicki Minaj for the song’s remix, touring with Drake , and the deluxe version of her second mixtape, Hood Hottest Princess. See latest videos, charts and news See latest videos, charts and news The burgeoning St. Louis representative has gained traction for her salacious lyrics, swaggering records, and “I Don’t Give a F–k” persona. See what Sexyy had to say below during her conversation with Billboard on Threads. On the Success of “Pound Town”: What started as a freestyle became a breakthrough for Sexxy Red when she released “Pound Town” last January. After receiving numerous cosigns, the song’s explosion put her on the map and became viral gold on TikTok. “I think it’s because the song is catchy and its real life sh-t. We done all been to pound town before, so I think its just a fun way of talking about it,” she revealed. “I feel like Nicki also matched my energy of what it means to go to pound town on her verse, so it was fire.” On Working With Nicki Minaj: After the scorching success of her viral single “Pound Town,” Red enlisted the rap’s original Barbie, Nicki Minaj for the song’s remix. Minaj had kind words for Sexxy, saying last May on Instagram Live: “This is only the f–king beginning for her. This is what I told her. Yo, people like you. People like what you have to say, they like your sound. So, make sure a whole bunch of people aren’t coming around trying to help you do this and help you do that.” “It was such a good experience! She’s a sweet person, and you can really tell she’s really serious about her music,” Sexxy said on Threads. “She gave me some of the best advice that I know I’ll always come back to. I really appreciate her for being supportive and kind.” On Joining Drake & SZA For “Rich Baby Daddy”: Courtesy of her sizzling features, Sexxy’s stock skyrocketed and caught Drake’s attention, so much so that the 6 God brought her to open up on the remaining legs of his It’s All a Blur Tour. Following the trek, Sexyy joined Drake and SZA for Drizzy’s For All the Dogs standout, “Rich Baby Daddy.” Sexyy’s titillating hook and fun energy made the song a magnetic bop. “Me and Drake already was cool ever since he brought me on his tour,” she said. “We talked about doing songs then he put SZA on it.” On Releasing Her Hood Hottest Princess Deluxe Project: Last June, Sexyy released Hood Hottest Princess, which featured her Hot 100 singles “Pound Town 2” and “Skeeyee.” After receiving acclaim for her latest mixtape, Sexyy upped the ante and returned with the project’s deluxe version featuring Summer Walker, Chief Keef, and more. “If people thought the first one was lit, they gonna love this deluxe! I love it bc I got to collab with some people that I’ve always wanted to work wit. It’s just fun and I’m sure that everyone is gonna be rockin wit it!” Read more

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