Saweetie's 'The Saweetie Meal' Will Make Your Mouth Water

sohh August 09, 2021 Saweetie 50
Saweetie's 'The Saweetie Meal' Will Make Your Mouth Water

West Coast rapper Saweetie is doing the most to make vegans and vegetarians alike reconsider their diets. The hip-hop heavyweight stars in a new McDonald's comm

Share While it might look like something weve already seen before a standard Big Mac, McNuggets, sauces, drink and fries theres a special twist she breaks down in the clip. Without giving away too many spoilers, have you ever considered topping your fries with McNuggets and sauces? Saweeties just the latest hip-hop star to high-profile musician to partner up with McDonalds. She leads the pack while also coming behind recent drops from J Balvin, Travis Scott and Korean pop supergroup BTS. Read more

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