Russ Doesn't Believe Artists Can Be Blackballed #Russ

hotnewhiphop October 03, 2022 Russ 50
Russ Doesn't Believe Artists Can Be Blackballed #Russ

He questions how loyal an artist's fans really are if they're not buying or streaming releases.

Link Copied to Clipboard! Share this page He questions how loyal an artists fans really are if theyre not buying or streaming releases. Anytime a controversial artist doesnt see their fame reflected in album sales, they believe that the industry has it out for them. Sure, weve heard of these stories as artists and industry insiders give details on how the powers that be have curbed someones career, but not everyone who runs into trouble is a victim of a conspiracy. Weve heard the term blackballed tossed around in recent years as social media has helped both make and break artists. Most recently, DaBaby has claimed that the low sales from his Baby On Baby 2 release were due to being blackballed, however, many believe that his ongoing personal and legal troubles aided in its lack of support. A post shared by RUSS (@russ) Amid the conversations, Russ arose with his take that an artist with access to the internet cant be canceled. No artist is blackballed,' he wrote on his Instagram Story. Unless they cut off your Wi-Fi, remove your social media accounts and take your music off all the streaming platforms, you are not blackballed. He then shifted focus to the fans. A post shared by RUSS (@russ) If you are famous and can still tell your fans hey Im putting out music then youre not blackballed. Fans will listen to your music or they wont, Russ continued. Also if you are a famous artist and you NEED playlists in order for people to listen to your music, Read more

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