Rubi Rose Forgives Lil Tjay, Reveals They Were Never Together #RubiRose

hotnewhiphop June 16, 2022 Rubi Rose 40
Rubi Rose Forgives Lil Tjay, Reveals They Were Never Together #RubiRose

Rubi Rose went in-depth on the drama between her and Lil Tjay. Rubi Rose and Lil Tjay got into some major drama back in 2020 after the two supposedly hooked up. As the story goes, Rubi Rose was left stranded and Tjay sought to embarrass her after seemingly being rejected. It was a pretty wild story ...

Eventually, cool heads prevailed and the two have since reconciled. In fact, Tjay recently posted Rose on his social media, although it seems as though things between the two are purely platonic right now. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Now, Rose is speaking in-depth on the situation with none other than Angela Yee. The radio veteran asked Rose about the Tjay drama and what exactly went down. As Rose explains, what Tjay did was crazy, however, he was extremely apologetic after. Rose even went so far as to say that Tjay is a very good person and that he has completely forgiven him for the situation. From there, she noted that the two are not an item and that they weren't in the past either. Rose also touched on her friendship with Lala Baptiste, which quickly evaporated following the Tjay altercation. After Baptiste appeared in a Tjay music video, the two had a falling out and Rose has not heard from her since. It's good to see Tjay and Rose patch things up, especially since things looked pretty bad at first. Perhaps they can even do a song together, in the near future.

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