Rick Ross, DJ Envy Embroiled In Nasty Car Show Feud #RickRoss

hiphopwired May 22, 2023 Rick Ross 17
Rick Ross, DJ Envy Embroiled In Nasty Car Show Feud #RickRoss

Rick Ross and DJ Envy are going at it across airwaves and social media as the pair have upcoming car shows.

Rick Ross taking on DJ Envy was not in anyones bingo card for 2023, but thats exactly whats unfurling in hilarious fashion on social media and abroad. After Rick Ross fired a shot at DJ Envy over hosting an upcoming car show in Memphis amid his own battle to get a permit for a car show, the beef between the pair has heated all the way up with Rozay seemingly getting the better of the exchange. Based on what weve seen play out online, Rick Ross set off the beef by throwing a shot at DJ Envy for The Breakfast Club hosts upcoming car show, Drive Your Dreams, in Memphis, Tenn. this coming weekend. The following weekend, Rick Ross will be hosting his own car show at his Promised Land estate in Fayetteville, Ga. despite resistance from neighbors and unsigned permits according to recent reports. The announcement of Envys show seemed to rankle Ricky Rozay, and he fired off a number of Instagram Stories slamming his car show rival. Envy, a man of pride, fired back and tried to give it as good as he got it but its really getting personal after Ross invited Envy, his wife, and his sons to come mop the marble of his pool after Envy claimed Ross Airbnbs his crib, in no doubt a reference to the fact that Ross rents out the property to production studios. How is that a diss? Anyway. Ross upped the ante by inviting Envy and his sons to come clean and then breakdance at the pool to the tune of Beastie Boys Brass Monkey track along with other shots thatd be difficult for anyone to recover from. Based on the chatter from Twitter, it appears that Rick Ross has been kicking DJ Envys back in about the car show for 24 hours. Weve got the reactions from all sides below. Read more

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