Retired at last, By Wale Olajide #Wale August 03, 2023 Wale 10
Retired at last, By Wale Olajide #Wale

With careful reflection, retirement ought and should present by right the opportunity to live and do with oneself for oneself; an opportunity to finally be oneself and not be sorry or apologise for it, not unless of course, one lives in climes where people in a great state of anxiety tamper with their dates of birth, so that they could stay longer on paid employment, either for fear of financial insecurity or they simply have no clue whatsoever about what comes next after retirement or what they would do with themselves in the absence of the Monday to Friday routine of office work. Living in intrinsic absolute freedom with a truly discovered self is living in peace, experiencing fulness of joy and flourishing happiness.

Have you then discovered yourself as you are now retired at the age of 60, 65 or 70? Are you happy and excited about the freedom? Read more

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