Remy Ma Shares Details Of Her Prison Stint On TV Ones Uncensored

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Remy Ma Shares Details Of Her Prison Stint On TV Ones Uncensored

The rapper and television star has long turned her life around but clearly remembers the time.

Remy Ma emerged in the mid-2000s as one of the best women rappers in the game but a conviction in 2008 kept her out of the limelight for six years. Since leaving prison, Remy Ma is a completely changed woman, and she shared details of her past with TV Ones Uncensored in an upcoming interview. Remy Ma, born Reminiscence Smith, first came to fame in 2004 as a member of the Terror Squad collective and a scene-stealing appearance on the smash hit Lean Back alongside Fat Joe. She went on to appear on several other tracks and also went on to release her proper solo studio album debut in 2006. The incident in 2007 that led to the intentional assault conviction took place back in 2007 after Remy shot a member of her crew over $3,000, although she contended the shooting was accidental. Since going free in 2014, Remy has become a fixture on the Love & Hip Hop: New York series, release some tracks, and now raising a family with her husband and fellow rapper, Shamele Papoose Mackie. Remy Ma sat down with TV Ones Uncensored and shared details of her time in prison and what got her through that tough time. From the interview: It became probably four-five years in, I realized that me being there, I was able to help other people. It was some people in there who was doing so bad. There were people whose husbands left them. Their friends forgot about them. There were so many different things that I didnt have to go through. I went through my own stuff but there were so many people that were way worse than me. A lot of my friends, the people that I call my friends now are people that I met there. They risked their freedom inside. When I needed people to call home for me. Say if I got in trouble and couldnt eat, they would cook food for me and risk getting in trouble themselves to bring me food. Just things that they didnt have to do. And it wasnt because I was Remy Ma. TV Ones Uncensored episode with Remy Ma airs this coming Sunday (April 18) at 10 p.n. ET on TV One. A trailer for the episode can be viewed below. Read more

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