R. Kelly's Lawyer Rules Out Testimony Claiming Aaliyah As A Victim SOHH.com

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R. Kelly's Lawyer Rules Out Testimony Claiming Aaliyah As A Victim  SOHH.com

The trial of disgraced R&B singer, R. Kelly has begun and evidence and testimonies are being rehashed as both the prosecution and defense fight the battle o

August 19, 2021 Aaliyah Is Coming To Streaming Services Against Her Estates Wishes Aaliyah has been making a lot of headlines as of late as those she left behind rehash her past. Her music has been withheld from streaming services for decades and now thats all about to change. Blackground Records has announced a plan for a rollout of the late singers, along with several other musicians albums in the coming months. In the 20 years since Aaliyahs tragic passing she has lived on in fans hearts despite not being able to be heard in fans headphones. This is the result of legal battles between her estate and her record label, Blackground Records which is co-founded by her uncle Barry Hankerson. On the morning of August 5th, Blackground Record announced via Twitter that they will be releasing several previously unavailable albums including music by Toni Braxton, Tank, Jojo, and all of Aaliyahs discography. This Twitter post comes only one day after Aaliyahs Estate released their own statement discussing the difficulties they have faced battling to protect Aaliyahs legacy. Protecting Aaliyahs legacy is, and will always be, our focus. For 20 years we have battled behind the scenes, enduring shadowy tactics of deception with unauthorized projects targeted to tarnishNow, in this 20th year, this unscrupulous endeavor to release Aaliyahs music without any transparency or full accounting to the estate compels our hearts to express a word forgiveness. Although we will continue to defend ourselves and her legacy lawfully and justly, we want to preempt the inevitable attacks on our character by all the individuals who have emerged from the shadows to leech off of Aaliyahs lifes work (The Estate of Aaliyah Haughton) In the statement the Estate makes it clear that the effort by Blackground Records to release Aaliyahs music is not one that they approve of. This was further explained by a statement givenby the Estate lawyer Paul LiCalsi. LiCalsi remarked virtually the entire remainder of her cataloghas been inexplicably withheld from the public byBlackgroundRecords. Aaliyahs Estate has always been ready to share Aaliyahs musical legacy but has been met with contention and a gross lack of transparencythe Estate was not made aware of the impending release of the catalog until after the deal was complete and plans were in place. Blackground Records has countered this statement explaining that they were only following Aaliyahs Mothers wishes by not releasing her music. Regardless of legal battles behind the scenes, the public will still be receiving Aaliyahs music on streaming services in the coming months. See the schedule and the estates statement below. Diddy Remembers Aaliyah + B.I.G. On Instagram Rap mogul Diddy is taking it back a few years. The Bad Boy Records CEO recently went online with a throwback picture, remembering some of musics biggest names of all time in singer Aaliyah and the late Notorious B.I.G. Diddy took to his Instagramwith a picture alongside the late stars. The date the dope flick was taken isnt listed, but its at least from 1997 or before, the year Biggie was killed.. Puff showed love in the caption. I love this picture !!! Aaliyahs Estate Makes YouTube Announcement The estate of late R&B star Aaliyah has something major for fans. They went online to reveal what theyd just boughtand just what it means for supporters of the late crooner, who passed in a plane crash in 2001. Aaliyahs estate took to her Instagram account let it be known they had gotten the official Aaliyah YouTube channel Theyre planning a full launch in 2021 and means that her entire music catalog being put on there, as well as other streaming services, is in the works. Thank you for all of your love and support. We are proud to announce that the Estate is now in control of the Aaliyah YouTube account. 2021 will the year of Aaliyah! See you all in the new year! . . #aaliyah #aaliyahhaughton #aaliyahdanahaughton #teamaaliyah #youtube #youtubechannel Read more

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