R. Kelly Accuser States Singer Assaulted Her Days After Marrying Aaliyah

thesource August 31, 2021 Aaliyah 51
R. Kelly Accuser States Singer Assaulted Her Days After Marrying Aaliyah

Days after his illegal marriage to Aaliyah, R. Kelly allegedly assaulted an underage girl at a concert.

Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The details of the incident emerged during Monday court proceedings in R. Kellys New York sex-crime trial. A testimony from a now 43-year-old woman stated Kells assaulted her at the American Airlines Arena in Miami following the Super Fest concert. notes the show was headlined by Salt N Peppa and Aaliyah just two days after the illegal marriage. Advertisement The woman, Addie, was 17 years old and stated two men approached her and a 19-year-old friend in a dressing room in the building. Kells attempted to get the friend to join, but she refused. Once the room cleared out, Kelly challenged the women to a who could kiss better contest before unzipping Addies pants and engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse. I was in complete shock. I was just very introverted and shy and I didnt know what to say at all, Addie said. I just went blank. Addie stated she was afraid of pressing charges due to possibly victim-blaming. On day one of the trial, Kellys illegal marriage to Aaliyah was highlighted. The New York Times reports Kelly was on hand in court on Wednesday, facing sexual abuse and federal racketeering charges. In Brooklyn Assistant US Attorney Maria Cruz Melendezs opening statements, she addressed the marriage to Aaliyah. The singer was just 15, as R. Kelly was 27. R. Kelly allegedly got Aaliyah pregnant and was entering a marriage with her to prohibit testimony against him. If she was pregnant that meant there would be questions: At the very top of that list of questions who is the father of that baby? Cruz Melendez presented in court. Cruz Melendez would provide details of obtaining a fake ID for Aaliyah, allowing her to be married at age 18. Included in R. Kellys racketeering case are charges of kidnapping, sex trafficking, and more. Read more

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