"Runaway" by Maxim Behar premiered on Hot 21 Radio June 10

Hot 21 Radio June 08, 2024 hot21radio 418
"Runaway" by Maxim Behar premiered on Hot 21 Radio June 10
With his second song, the PR expert encourages young people to not be afraid of and embrace change After the enormous success of his debut single "PR We Are," world-renowned PR expert Maxim Behar continues his musical journey with the new song "Runaway." For the second time, he chose to broadcast the song premiere in the United States, on the popular New York R&B radio Hot 21, where "PR We Are" topped the charts in just 2 months. "Runaway" features the already familiar lineup – the father of Bulgarian rap music Big Sha, his son - Lil Sha, and Nashville country music star Sarah Haralson. "PR We Are" was a bold step and a unique project that achieved remarkable success. As promised, I continue my musical career. With my new song, I want to set an example for young people - to be bold and more determined in leaving their comfort zone. Surely, this will help them discover they can be successful if they seek change towards doing what is interesting to them”, says Maxim Behar. Behar wrote the text entirely by himself, and he performs the rap, which is the main part of the song. Sarah Haralson, who had four entries for the Grammy Awards in 2023, contributes with her exceptional vocals for the bridge, adding a strong contrast to the rap foundation of the R&B style of the song. The beat is once again produced by Lil Sha, who already has several hits on the American market, and Big Sha’s backing vocals add to the elements of traditional rap music to the song. Maxim Behar's musical debut caused a total frenzy. The release of the song “PR We Are”, dedicated to his longstanding business in the PR industry, is unprecedented in history. Within just 2 months, the song became a smashing hit and reached the number one spot on the, promoted as the "best R&B radio in the United States", Hot21 radio chart. You can stream the song "Runaway" on Spotify, as well as on Apple Music, on YouTube, and on over 100 other global music platforms.

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