Quando Rondo Disses Lil Durk Says He'd 'Die' For King Von's Killer #LilDurk

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Quando Rondo Disses Lil Durk Says He'd 'Die' For King Von's Killer #LilDurk

Quando Rondo has more than a few opinions about Lil Durk, King Von, and Von's alleged killer Lul Tim and not all of them are positive, to say the least.

Quando Rondo has more than a few controversial opinions and he decided to let the proverbial chopper sing about them during a recent interview. In a sit-down with Dirty Glove Bastard as part of their Off The Porch series, which dropped on Thursday (May 25), the Savannah, Georgia native made it clear that he wasnt feeling Lil Durk. We blessed, we angels, he began. But, on God I aint tryna die for Durk. Im not! Imma keep it real! Rondo had a different opinion about Lul Tim, the man allegedly responsible for the murder of Durks close friend and collaborator, King Von. Id die for this man, though, he said, pointing to Lul Tim who was sat next to him. N-gga, if I knew, Id lay down my life and die for this man. Slit throat. Right now, on God. Because I know I know hed do the same for me. Shit, he almost did. I take that shit to heart. Watch the interview below. This isnt the first time that Quando Rondo has sung the praises of Lul Tim. Back in 2021, Quando took to his Instagram stories to share a picture of matching iced-out watches that he got for himself and his longtime friend. Me and My Twin, he wrote in the caption. Quandos seeming indifference to the death of King Von may stem from their longtime beef that wasnt resolved at the time of Vons murder. And the feud between Quando and Von has continued, even after the Chicago rappers death. During a virtual concert in April of that same year, Quando allegedly delivered yet another shot disrespecting Von, rapping: He got caught without that pole and now that bitch ass n-gga gone Ill piss on his grave! November 25, 2022 Fans were quick to point out the QPac rapper actually caught the wrath of Von in a fight, writing comments such as: Quando shouldnt be doing this 1 cause he got his ass beat by him and He should have added how von whipped his ass before that though. As for Lul Tim, he is currently out on $100,000 conditional bond as he awaits trial for King Vons murder, which happened in November 2020. During a fight outside of the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, Tum allegedly pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing the Chicago rapper. And though he was subsequently arrested on drug charges back in October of last year, a trial date for Vons murder has not yet been set. More on

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