Pharrell Wants To Work With Playboi Carti & De La Soul #Pharrell

hiphopdx January 14, 2023 Pharrell 23
Pharrell Wants To Work With Playboi Carti & De La Soul #Pharrell

Pharrell has worked with so many people in his long-spanning career, but he still has a few more people on his wish-list Playboi Carti and De La Soul.

Playboi Carti and De La Soul. The legendary producer sat down for a fan-led interview with The Guardian published on Thursday (January 12), and answered questions about everything from his great teeth to his skincare to his dream collaborations. Of the latter, Pharrell noted that hes overdue to lock in with Carti. Its always based on a vibe, he said of what he bases his collaborative efforts on. I like Playboi Carti. I think were overdue. He also added that hed do anything for De La Soul while answering the question, What album, past or present, does everybody need to hear? All of De La Souls stuff is being re-released. Everybody needs to get 3 Feet High and Rising and De La Soul Is Dead, Pharrell said. Even when they were going through all their stuff, Damon from Blur put them on the Gorillaz albums, because he gets it. He knows those guys are responsible for making so many of us misfits feel like we actually fit. The De La tribe were the forefathers and founders of the way we see things, he continued. I was nearly 16 when 3 Feet High and Rising came out. It was a total gamechanger. It changed my life, period. Would I like to work with them? I would do anything for them, they know that. If they dont, they should. November 1, 2022 Last month, the legendary Hip Hip group reunited with Prince Paul seemingly to work on new music so Pharrell may be right on time to get in the lab with them. This might have been one of the most eventful years Ive had in quite some time, Paul said in a December Instagram post. An unsuspected highlight was the opportunity to revisit and work on De La Soul once again. I really want to thank them for believing in me once more to get the job doneI want to thank everyone who was involved in helping us make this project a reality. Everybody who I called on to participate or get advice from. In related news, Pharrells Something in the Water Festival is set to return to his hometown of Virginia Beach for the weekend of April 28 through April 30, 2023. After taking the festival to Washington, D.C. in 2022 and the previous two years being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be the first time Something in the Water comes back to Virginia Beach since its inaugural festival in 2019. Subscribe to DX Newsletter Read more

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