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Omarion Has Something Up His Sleeve #Omarion

allhiphop June 28, 2022 Omarion 15
Omarion Has Something Up His Sleeve #Omarion

What does Omarion have in store on July 7? He uses T.I. to give fans a clue.

Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window) Omarion. What does Omarion have in store? The singer, the former lead of the group B2K, has been on the tip of the tongue of a lot of people recently. There have been varying degrees of good and bad. I was upset with him because he openly ate watermelon on stage for no apparent reason. But, he is following up quickly with the Verzuz battle with Mario. He put up a cryptic message on Instagram stating that something is going to drop on July 7. He used the song by T.I. to punctuate his point. I am not sure what he has in store, but I do not have a problem with him capitalizing off of the attention. A post shared by Omarion (@omarion) Some people do have an issue with it. The watermelon, some of the responses to Mario and even the comments towards his former band mates have turned some people off. Not everyone though! Now, some people arent even assuming that it is an actual project. I just assumed it was, but it may not be. The caption, which says something in and of itself the dark will come to the light, suggest that he may be opening Pandoras box against his enemies. I wondernah, he wouldnt get into the Chris Stokes stuff. Anyway, it seems like the Verzuz loss to Mario still stings a bit. He has made it clear that he is the HEADLINER of the next show they share. A post shared by Omarion (@omarion) But, it was a win for all, no matter what. Omarion recently highlighted that the Verzuz got over 5 million total viewers, which is a sum total that includes all platforms. He also included there were 725,000 peak viewers at one point in time across all platforms. And they were trending for quite some time over the course of the battle and after. So, even though it was a huge fiasco and the singing was quite horrible, they did what they had to do. And what they had to do was command the eyeballs and attention of a large number of people. Mission accomplished! Anyway it seems like Omarions new movement is called Unbothered. I think thats pretty cool. He has a book coming out as well as other aspects of the movement and so he seems to be resolute in moving forward in a positive way. I cant even be mad at that! A post shared by Omarion (@omarion) It seems like this guy is really on the positive side of things and when its time to sweat a few flies, thats what he does! So shout up to Omarion! And shout out to Mario! Shout out to everybody, because rappers are getting shot, arrested, and a bunch of other things thats bad. So the worst is the worst and, Omarion is hardly the worst. Share AllHipHop |

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