Obie Trice Reveals That He Wants To Start A Supergroup With Eminem, Jay Z & Kanye West

hiphopdx July 29, 2015 Jay-Z & Kanye West 119
Obie Trice Reveals That He Wants To Start A Supergroup With Eminem, Jay Z & Kanye West

Obie Trice talks The Hangover, Nate Dogg, recording We All Die One Day, and if he would ever sign with G-Unit.

, you mentioned that you have Estelle and Young Buck on the album The Hangover, dropping August 7th. Are there any other features on the album? Obie Trice: Yep. I Got Drey Skonie, Gwenation, P8tience, J. Nutty & Young Zeether on there too. DX: Malik Mausi and Magnedo did work on the project correct? What other producers did you utilize for the album? Obie Trice: Yep. The other producers are Denaun Porter, Doeski, Millz, Irock (Member of No Speakers) and Geno xo. DX: You have collaborated with some of the most talented people in Hip Hop. Walk us through what it was like to work with Nate Dogg on The Set Up? Obie Trice: Nate Dogg was just cool and real down to earth. I was in Los Angeles one time and was supposed to stop in his studio for a session, but decided to hit the club first. The text he left is still stuck in my brain to this day, Obie this is a business. I left the club and rushed to the studio. That was my guy! DX: Wow! Thats crazy. Whats your favorite Nate Dogg joint, excluding your own? Obie Trice: One of my favorites still got to be that Area Codes joint with Ludacris. DX: In my opinion, you had a chance to be part of one of the dopest mixtapes of the last 15 years. What was it like to record We All Die One Day. Obie Trice: It was murda time if you know what I mean. At that point it was time for a posse track to show camaraderie. We felt them guys got out of line, so it was time to ride whether lyrically or the in the streets. Times were different then. Obie Trice Talks His Idea Of A Rap Supergroup DX : Eminem was a monster on that joint, but I feel you, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent complemented each other very well on that track. If the offer was extended, would you sign to ? Obie Trice: I always thought G-Unit was a dope group, even when Game was there. 50 paid them boys so I respected that situation, but adding another member outside of Kidd Kidd, I dont know how Id take that. Even he had to grow on me. I think the group is fine where its at. DX : Like I mentioned, Invasion is one of my f Read more

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