NLE Choppa Has Suddenly Reached Messiah Level

sohh June 11, 2021 NLE Choppa 108
NLE Choppa Has Suddenly Reached Messiah Level

Rap star NLE Choppa has achieved god-like status. The Memphis rapper has informed followers through social media that he is credited for curing someone of cance

June 10, 2021 NLE Choppa Vows To Sign New Talent In May 2021, the rap star hit up his social media pages to share his talent search Along with blessing new signees with iced-out chains, Choppa said the signings would change their lives forever. Looking To Sign 4 Artist And 2 Producers. Start Tagging Down Below, Ready To Change Somebody Life FOREVER #YoungestCeo #NLE @flawless_diamondsco NLE Horrible Fight Becomes Memes In early May 2021, earlier in the week, the Internet didnt hold back on clowningNLE following viral footage of him getting punched in a fight. Memes centered on Choppa receiving the worse part of his physical interaction. Anyone have any idea what started the fight? Choppa Speaks Out In late May 2021, following footage circulating of him getting punched and igniting memes and social media chatter Choppa stepped forward to speak out on the drama. And I eat punches ask bout me. Imma rush you take what you got to give and resume beating some. Honestly aint wanna fight I was just tryna walk the beach Damn yall never got hit in a fight before ? bruh asked for picture I said no Im enjoying my self and I get called scary and a b*tch. I make sure I take pictures with every fan but some days I just be trying to chill and get disrespected in the process Read more

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