NLE Choppa + DJ Vlad's Twitter Beef Heats Up #NLEChoppa

hiphopdx July 07, 2022 NLE Choppa 34
NLE Choppa + DJ Vlad's Twitter Beef Heats Up #NLEChoppa

NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad exchanged shots on Twitter last month after the 19-year-old rapper claimed he knew how to cure Justin Bieber'sRamsay Hunt syndrome.

July 7, 2022 With that, Choppa posted a meme of a cartoon character and wrote, Yo ass look like this. Vlad again responded, this time posting photos of NBA YoungBoy and NLE Choppa side-by-side with the caption, Yo ass look like this. Clearly amused, Choppa wrote back, I cant wait to see you. Warm hugs for you, to which Vlad said, Why wait? You can come see me on VladTV face to face whenever youre man enough to do it. The exchange ended with Choppa sending him a series of laughing emojis. The initial friction began in June when Vlad shared a VladTV article titled, NLE Choppa Says He Knows What Will Help Justin Bieber Following Ramsey Diagnosis. NLE Choppa hopped in the comment section and called him a Chump ass n-gga. Vlad fired back, Says the chump who claims he cured cancer. Choppa replied, You a culture vulture. You make money off us and really dont fuck with the people. Police ass. Vlad argued, Youre a snake oil salesman. This year you claimed you have herbs that replace Brazilian Butt Lifts & breast implants. Last year, you claimed you can cure herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia. Fraud ass. Read more

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