Nicki Minaj + BIA Have Dropped The Summer Anthem

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Nicki Minaj + BIA Have Dropped The Summer Anthem

New York rapper Nicki Minaj and BIA have enough audio heat to keep the summer blazing hot. The hip-hop pair have blessed hip-hop heads with an unexpected and mu

Share Nicki Minaj + BIA Have Dropped Whole Lotta Money Remix Onika and BIA initially went to their social media pages to get fans hyped about the epic collaboration. Nicki actually linked with BIA and shared a teaser of them rapping bars from the song before releasing the track to the masses. A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj) Nicki adds hard bars and steamy lyrics for her contribution to BIAs song. She even references her bedroom antics with husband Kenneth Petty. Onika even brought it back to her Beam Me Up Scotty days by making the same reference she did on her Itty Bitty Piggy classic with producer DJ Holiday. Ayo, I put on my jewelry just to s*ck my n*gga off (Off) Fingers on his b*lls like Im bout to tell him, Cough (Cough) Wait, hold on, Holiday You cant give it to em dry like that You gotta get that sh*t wet first You gotta prep them for sh*t like that Bring that sh*t back, bring that sh*t the f*ck back I put on my jewelry just to go out by the pool (Pool) And I keep it with me case somebody act a fool (Fool) Pucci on my coochie, Ima make these niggas drool (Drool) Higher than the moon, but Im in tune, so dont run up (Brr) Cause if you run up (Brr) I guarantee you aint gon leave looking done up (Uh-uh) Some little Chinese bangs with the bun up I got the crown, little b*tch, you just a run up (Oh) G Herbo Names The Hardest Female Rapper Nicki gets admiration from hip-hop artistspast and present. This week, Chicagos G Herbo chopped it up in an interview and didnt hold back on glowing up over Onika. G reflected on her music career going back over a decade and shocking the rap game with her hard-hitting Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape. He specifically remembered sharing studio time with Minaj on their Chi-Raq classic. But man, thats one of those records that just gave me confidence as an artist to see if I could actually do it or not, rap toe-to-toe with the best of em. Nicki a female emcee but she still like, the hardest ever. And she harder than a lot of male emcees. For me to be able to get on a track with her and hold my own, it just gave me confidence to keep going. ( TIDAL Check-In ) Back in May 2021, Herbo called Nicki Minaj the best and saluted her for putting himonto the rap scene. @nickiminaj GAVE ME MY FIRST BIG SHOT PUT ME ON THAT STAGE WITH HER & I AINT LOOKED BACK SINCE! LOVE YOU 4 EVER EVER!! Drakes Cooking Up W/ YMCMB + Nicki Minaj This week, rap heavyweight Drake went to his Instagram Storywith the ultimate teaser posts. The 6 God started things off with footage of himself riding around but donning a signature YMCMB Young Money Cash Money Billionaires hoodie. But it didnt stop there. Drake went even further by sharing a snapshot presumably from Nicki Minajs recording studio. Drakes Nicki teasing came just hours after Onika went to her reliable Instagram pageto alert the world of big things gearing up to become revealed. While she didnt offer up much context, Minaj did vow to let loose the big announcement Thursday night and said its something urgent. Theres something I urgently need to share w|you guys.Ill go LIVE on IG THURSDAY @ 10:30PM EST No, I wont be late. In fact, Ill be early. This is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Love you so much. Lil Kim + Nicki Minaj VERZUZ Might Happen Could Nickis big news have anything to do with an epic VERZUZ face-off ? During a 2021 BET Awards pre-show interview, Minajs former rap rival Lil Kim revealed she wanted to face none other than the self-proclaimed rap game Barbie. Lil Kim dropped her answer without hesitation, but only time will tell if the matchup will actually go down. Is there anybody you would do it against? The Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy asked before Kim responded without hesitation, Nicki. I would love to see that, added Envy to which Kim replied, Yes, me too. Read more

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