New Lil Baby Merchandise Not Received Well By Fans #LilBaby

sohh November 22, 2022 Lil Baby 21
New Lil Baby Merchandise Not Received Well By Fans #LilBaby

Lil Baby fans are not happy with his latest merch drop. Many are stating they love him but wish they could have a crack at designing the products. The apparel p

major sporting events that were all well-received by his fans. An update to his merchandise was long overdue. Unfortunately, after announcing his latest merch drop in a since-deleted Instagram post, fans flooded the comments with disappointment. Fans took their frustrations to Twitter, claiming the products could have been designed better, and they wouldnt have had a problem purchasing them. One fan even suggested that he should fire his entire design crew. Lil baby gotta fire is whole merch crew cause wtf is this Read more

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