New Biblical epic The Book of Clarence features both Jesus and Jay-Z #JayZ

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New Biblical epic The Book of Clarence features both Jesus and Jay-Z #JayZ

Biblical and historical epics have been present in the movie industry ever since the art form was invented and while almost every story imaginable has... The post New Biblical epic The Book of Clarence features both Jesus and Jay-Z appeared first on HITC.

Jump to… The Book of Clarence trailer recap The new for The Book of Clarence follows its titular character, played by LaKeith Stanfield, as he witnesses the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. Seeing the enormous following the Son of God attracts, Clarence decides to try and make something out of his ordinary life and emulates him, becoming a false messiah and performing fake miracles in an effort to cheaply obtain fame and fortune. As the trailer shows, Clarence’s actions attract the attention of the occupying Romans and Pontius Pilate who attempt to coerce information from him about Jesus, the real messiah. However, as he starts to discover his own faith, Clarence refuses and one of the final scenes shows him coming face to face with Jesus himself. The Book of Clarence’s main cast and mystery Jesus actor As well as LaKeith Stanfield, who takes on the role of Clarence, the movie is set to feature a genuinely star-studded cast with a plethora of familiar faces taking on roles both large and small. These include Omar Sy of Netflix’s , Anna Diop, actor David Oyelowo, Michael Ward from , Alfre Woodard, RJ Cyler, Teyana Taylor, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, actor Caleb McLaughlin, James McAvoy as Pontius Pilate, Sherlock’s and Tom Glynn-Carney whose past roles include Dunkirk and . One of The Book of Clarence trailer’s biggest mysteries, however, is the identity of the actor playing Jesus as his face is covered by a hood throughout. In truth, the man behind the hood is Babs Olusanmokun. The Nigerian-American actor will be familiar to fans of 2021’s , Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Wrath of Man, the episode Black Museum and the 2016 remake of Roots. In the world of video games, Babs has also voiced characters in Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Star-studded soundtrack is shaping up to be something special Beyond its cast, The Book of Clarence is also boasting a host of music superstars who will be working on the movie’s . As well as the film’s director, Jeymes Samuel, the soundtrack is set to feature original music from the likes of JAY-Z, Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi among others. This is reminiscent of Samuel’s last movie, the 2021 Netflix western which also featured an with JAY-Z and Kid Cudi also lending their talent to the soundtrack alongside CeeLo Green, Seal, Alice Smith, Koffee and many more. Read more

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