Nas Gets Deep Celebrating Illmatic's 27-Year Anniversary

sohh April 19, 2021 Nas 145
Nas Gets Deep Celebrating Illmatic's 27-Year Anniversary

New York rapper Nas knows the importance of April 19. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to celebrate the 27-year anniversary of his unforgettable Illmatic st

Nas gets deep celebrating Illmatic. Nas Pens Emotional Open Letter A few days ago, Nasir Jones went to his Instagram pageto share a video message to his daughter. Its worth noting the letter was in partnership with alcoholic beverage giant Hennessy. Dear @iamdestinyjones a letter written from the heart and in light of Black perseverance. #NeverStopNeverSettle Society celebrates the perseverance and success of Black entrepreneurs and is a continuation of @HennessyUS long-standing commitment to Black communities. In the video, Nas talked directly to Destiny about understanding the powerof Black greatness. Dear Destiny, I wanted you to see something I never saw, feel something our family had never grasped, Black excellence. Something like the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921. 40 acres and 35 blocks of black folks running the town. Lawyers, doctors, businesses, all black owned. Imagine that. The vision of Black Wall Street was intentional. And so was its downfall. A hundred years later, a hundred years strong, Black excellence lives on. Wherever black folks dream, the spirit of Greenwood is there. So find them, build with them, dream with them, be your own Black Wall Street. However and wherever you imagine. Your loving father, Nasir Jones. Read more

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