Nas Celebrates the Biggest Birthday W/ 'Hip-Hop 50'

sohh May 20, 2021 Nas 72
Nas Celebrates the Biggest Birthday W/ 'Hip-Hop 50'

Hip-hop icon Nas is celebrating the genre's birthday in a special way. The New York rapper has partnered with Showtime to release a documentary series honoring

A post shared by Nasir Jones (@nas) Nas Cant Wait For DMXs Album In a different show of hip-hop pride, Nas went to his Instagram page in May 2021 to hype up DMXs new upcoming album The late rappers former Belly co-star also shared its artwork and drop date. 5/28 EXODUS IS COMING THE ALBUM Nas Still Living Out Sorry Not Sorry Lyrics Switching over to more of his artistic activities, last month, Nas hit up Instagram with a fire pic of himselfchilling with producer DJ Khaled. The shot also came with some bars from the must-hear tune. Chorus: James Fauntleroy] Sorry, not sorry, dont mind me Im livin the dream, livin a dream, yeah Came from nothin, whoever thought that we would be Livin the dream? Livin the dream yeah JAY-Z + Nas Bet It All in Sorry Not Sorry In April 2021, Nasty Nas and fellow hip-hop legend JAY-Z paired up in a casino setting in their Sorry Not Sorry music video While theyre betting it all in cards, Khaled makes his presence felt hanging out alongside the Big Apple heavyweights. As promised, DJ Khaled just dropped another one, coming through at midnight with not only his twelfth studio album, Khaled Khaled, but a music video for his single Sorry Not Sorry featuring Nas, Jay-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive. In it, quarantine is officially over and DJ Khaled and friends are bellying up to the blackjack table for a very Vegas evening of cigars, bars, and reminiscing about that distant moment in time before they were all very, very successful. Oh, and while she doesnt make a visual appearance, Beyonc stops by with a slinky heyyyy that absolutely makes Jay-Zs verse. ( Read more

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