Missy Elliott reveals Tweets song Oh My isnt about masturbation

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Missy Elliott reveals Tweets song Oh My isnt about masturbation

Missy Elliott has made the revelation that her hit song Oh My with Tweet was never about masturbation but appreciating her dark skin.

Copy link Tweet and Missy Elliott werent singing about self-pleasure at all (Picture: WMG, YouTube) Missy Elliott has just changed everything we thought we knew about an iconic 00s song, Tweets hit single Oh My, by revealing that it was never about masturbation. Released in 2002, Oh My became an absolute bop and was co-written by Missy and Tweet with Timbaland delivering another world-class production. To most of us 00s kids, it seemed pretty obvious as to what Tweet was singing about with blatant lyrics such as: Mmm, I was looking so good, I couldnt reject myself / I was feeling so good, I had to touch myself. Surely it doesnt get more clear than that? Advertisement Advertisement Wrong. When a fan tweeted a clip of the music video with the caption: Tweet said masturbation but make it a bop, Missy splashed cold water over the assumption. Clarifying what she and Tweet intended in ironically a tweet, Missy told her followers: #Funfact this song was never bout Masturbation it was always about her appreciating her Dark Skin (Self Love)when she looked in the mirror it was the listeners that thought it was about sex & just ran with it & we just let the consumers mind create what they wanted. So basically weve all had our heads in the gutter for the past 18 years. However looking back now, it kind of makes sense as other lyrics on Oh My include: I was eyeing my thighs, butter pecan brown. The truth was there the whole time. More: Read more

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