Megan Thee Stallion Turns Backseat Into Relationship Goals

sohh April 13, 2021 Megan Thee Stallion 146
Megan Thee Stallion Turns Backseat Into Relationship Goals

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion is loving her relationship goals. The hip-hop superstar has continued to remind the world she's really off the market with ra

Megan Thee Stallion turns backseat into goals. Pardison Fontaine Thanks God For Meg The New York rapper is really, really, really thankful to haveMegan Thee Stallion in his life. The hip-hop star recently lit upsocial media with a major nod to the man in the sky for connecting him with everyones favorite Hottie. Fontaine hit up his Instagram page with a super salute to Stallion. Coincidentally, the post doesnt feature him but just Stallion showing off her beauty through a mirror selfie. THANK YOU GOD A post shared by PARDISON FONTAINE (@pardi) Pardison Fontaine thanks God for Meg. A few days prior, Fontaine hit up his IG page to celebrate both Meg and her pal Cardi Bs historic music biz achievements. MEN LIE .. WOMEN LIE (better) BUT DONT !!! CONGRATS @iamcardib !! N Tell that baddie next to you I said COME HOME A post shared by PARDISON FONTAINE (@pardi) Megan Thee Stallion Does Insane Workout The hip-hop superstar isnt playing around with her workout goals. The hip-hop superstar recently shared a fresh sneak peek into her latest Hottie Boot Camp session and hit up her Instagram page to show off the newest twist to her sweat-driven routine The footage features her doing a kettle bell workout. DID YALL GET ONE IN TODAY These kettle bell work outs are hard af , I really hate them butttt they get the job done Farris lying abt his water intake as usual Ill let yall know how many inches we loose in a week #hottiebootcamp Meg Thee Stallion Shows Hes Staying Recently, Stallion went to her Instagram pagewith some super gushy footage. The clip featured her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine laying kisses on Megs cheek while they twin together. Read more

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