Meek Mill Warns Anyone Making Songs About His Ex-Bae

sohh June 19, 2021 Meek Mill 92
Meek Mill Warns Anyone Making Songs About His Ex-Bae

Maybach Music Group's Meek Mill is letting his Twitter fingers do all the talking. The hip-hop veteran has warned anyone thinking about putting out music refere

June 19, 2021 The Strongest Woman In His Life In May 2021, the Philadelphia native went to his Instagram pageto share shots of both his sister and mom alongside him. Meek initially focused on just how much his day one meant to him and vowed to work more closely with his mom. Ima start balling with my mother more.. the strongest woman I know I seen my mom do so much for me, Im still learning how to help my kids mothers out more because it was normal for me to me to see a woman do everything for her family! Thankyou my mom used to assemble my basketball courts coach me a at rumbles wash my clothes til this daywe used to hit malls together boosting together lol You couldnt imagine! My mom never let me feel the pain of the ghetto I would of thought we was rich! Happy Mothers Day! Cant never get blinded she rode the hardest my whole life! Mill went all out showing his sister loveand said she would eventually hit rich status. My sister gone be rich too happy Mothers Day! Meek Mill Still Cant Get Enough Hours prior, the rap heavyweight went online with shotsshowing both his oldest son, Papi, and his newborn brother Czar. The other postfeatures Meek having a daddy duties moment with his 1-year-old. My other son need some milk now! Meek Mills Baby Boy Defines Drip Goals A few weeks ago, Meek hit up Instagram with a must-seeshot. The pic featured Czar rocking matching Burberry attire and drinking from a baby bottle. happy bday czarlove you 4eva Czars mom Milan Rouge also went to her Instagram pageto reflect on their sons born day. I cannot believe my sweet baby turned 1 today. Wow, what a year it has been. I went from being selfish to selfless. You made me see the world from a new lens, you opened my eyes and my heart. I cant even remember life without you in it. Although its only been 365 days it honestly feels like Ive known you for a lifetime. You changed my life for the better, God know I needed you. Thank you for making me laugh a lot harder, smile a lot bigger, work a little smarter, and for making me whole. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my baby boy. I remember when he was first born, as soon as the doctor handed him to me I cried and said thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus. Read more

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