Meek Mill + James Harden Had A Tickle Fight

sohh July 06, 2021 Meek Mill 50
Meek Mill + James Harden Had A Tickle Fight

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is living his best life. After a video of fellow Philly star Lil Uzi Vert dancing went viral, fans are poking fun at him for a lit

July 6, 2021 Meek Mill Wasnt The Only Star Everybody you could think of showed up to the party. From JAY-Z, Robert Kraft, Bobby Shmurda, Lil Baby, Harden and Meek Mill, to Bon Jovi, Travis Scott, Quavo, J Balvin, everybody made the trip out to the Hamptons for the occasion. The all-white themed getawaylooked like something from a movie. Meek Mill Warns Anyone Making Songs About His Ex These days, the Maybach Music Group rap star is letting his Twitter fingers do all the talking The hip-hop veteran recently warned anyone thinking about putting out music referencing his former girlfriend and sons mom Milano Di Rouge. Meek Milly hit up his Twitter page to serve up a major warningto the world. MM quoted another Twitter user dedicating a song to Di Rouge and playfully said he would retaliate in his own song. You made a song about my bm im about come at you in a song lol The Strongest Woman In His Life In May 2021, the Philadelphia native went to his Instagram pageto share shots of both his sister and mom alongside him. Meek initially focused on just how much his day one meant to him and vowed to work more closely with his mom. Ima start balling with my mother more.. the strongest woman I know I seen my mom do so much for me, Im still learning how to help my kids mothers out more because it was normal for me to me to see a woman do everything for her family! Thankyou my mom used to assemble my basketball courts coach me a at rumbles wash my clothes til this daywe used to hit malls together boosting together lol You couldnt imagine! My mom never let me feel the pain of the ghetto I would of thought we was rich! Happy Mothers Day! Cant never get blinded she rode the hardest my whole life! Mill went all out showing his sister loveand said she would eventually hit rich status. My sister gone be rich too happy Mothers Day! Read more

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