Mariah Carey Said Jennifer Lopez Isn't in the Same 'Category' as Beyonc

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Mariah Carey Said Jennifer Lopez Isn't in the Same 'Category' as Beyonc

Mariah Carey opened up about her opinions regarding Beyonc and Jennifer Lopez. Here's a look at what she thinks of the two divas.

Mariah Carey has often garnered publicity for what shes said about other singers. For example, an interviewer once asked her what she thought of fellow pop divas Beyoncand Jennifer Lopez Carey responded by saying Beyonc and J.Lo dont belong in the same category for a very specific reason. In addition, she opened up about whether shed like to perform a duet with Queen B. Jennifer Lopez | Barry King/Liaison What Mariah Carey said about Beyonc and J.Lo It all starts with an interview clip from 2005. PinkNewsreports an interviewer from Frances M6 Channel asked Carey what she thought of a new generation of singers, specifically Beyonc and J.Lo. In addition, the interviewer asked Carey if either of those singers inspired her music. Well, its hard, Carey replied. You cant really put those two people in the same category because one isnt really a different generation, they just started singing later. But when you talk about Beyonc, I think shes wonderful. Shes great. Shes a talented person. We Belong Together RELATED: The Creative Way Beyonc Showed Respect to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle When Meeting Them for the First Time Are Beyonc and J.Lo rally part of two different generations of singers? Careys comments raise questions about when Beyonc and J.Lo started singing. Destinys Child released their self-titled debut album in February 1998. On the other hand, J.Lo released her debut album, On the 6, in June 1999. Because of this, Destinys Child and J.Lo cant be considered part of different generations. Beyonc released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, in 2003. If we limit the discussion to Queen Bs work as a solo artist, it is true that she began her career in a different decade than J.Lo. However, its again up to fans if they think that a gap of four years means the two singers are part of two different generations. Meanwhile, Carey released her self-titled debut album in 1990, meaning she was releasing music for nearly a decade before Destinys Child or J.Lo released any albums. Survivor RELATED: Mariah Carey Explains the Big Difference Between Her Childhood and Her Children Moroccan and Monroes Childhood Would Mariah Carey work with Beyonc? While Carey didnt cite Queen B as an inspiration, she did discuss the possibility of performing a duet with her in a separate interview. I would love to work with her anytime, shes amazing, Carey said, according to Access Itll happen, when and if it happens, whenever. And if not, Ill always admire her and look at her as a friend. We have a lot of fun, shes fun. Shes a great girl. I love her so much, I really do. Which of the three singers is the most popular? This raises an interesting question: Which of the three singers has the most number 1 hits? Carey has 19 No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100so far. Meanwhile, Beyonc has seven No. 1 hits on the same chart J.Lo has produced four Billboard Hot 100No. 1 singles. While Carey doesnt think Beyonc and J.Lo belong in the same category, all three singers belong in the exclusive club of artists who reached No. 1 on the chart. 2021 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. Read more

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