Man Who Wanted To Shoot Yo Gotti Fans Cites Mental Crisis #YoGotti

allhiphop July 18, 2022 Yo Gotti 17
Man Who Wanted To Shoot Yo Gotti Fans Cites Mental Crisis #YoGotti

Elijah Hyman threatened to shoot fans leaving Yo Gotti's annual Birthday Bash, which was held at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.

A man who threatenedto shoot fans attending Yo Gottis Birthday Bash appeared in court on Monday (July 18). According to multiple reports , Elijah Hyman will undergo a mental health evaluation following a mass shooting threat. Hyman faces 30 counts of attempted murder for planning to shoot concertgoers leaving Yo Gottis Birthday Bash, which took place at the FedEx Forum in Memphis on July 15. Mr. Hyman reached out for help, his attorney Leslie Ballin said. He actually flagged down an officer for help, he was in crisis. Hyman pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from his Yo Gotti concert threats. The 28-year-old suspect will remain in jail over concerns about his mental health. He is going to stay in custody, Ballin said. He is not going to asked to be released on bond. That is for his safety and more importantly the safety of the community. Police said they found guns, including a rifle with a scope, at Hymans apartment. He lives in the Chisca apartments, which overlook the arena where Yo Gotti and others performed. Yo Gotti addressed the threat against his annual concert in a statement on Twitter He thanked local police for preventing an attack. We were informed of a potential threat regarding an individual seeking to harm attendees leaving Birthday Bash that occurred 3 hours after our show ended, Yo Gotti wrote. I would also like to thank the Memphis Police Department for their swift and proactive action in ensuring that all attendees returned home safely. Share AllHipHop |

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