Ludacris Returns To Vintage Mode W/ Signature Braids Look

sohh May 16, 2021 Ludacris 123
Ludacris Returns To Vintage Mode W/ Signature Braids Look

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris just can't age. The hip-hop veteran has lit up social media with a jaw-dropping clip of himself looking the same way he appeared

May 15, 2021 Ludacris + Eudoxie announce pregnancy Earlier in the week, Luda and his queen Eudoxie went to their Instagram pagesto share some breaking pregnancy news. Cris acknowledged the announcement combined with Doxie celebrating her 35th birthday. How is it YOUR Birthday & Your Giving Me The Greatest Gift? Joyeux Anniversaire Mrs Bridges -Ludacris Blessed year indeed. #35 -Eudoxie The massive alert sparked a flurry of reactionsin their comments sections. Congrats -Taina Williams Yessss congratulations -Tahiry Eudoxie bids farewell to 34 Hours prior, Eudoxie gave a final saluteto 365 days of being 34. She also welcomed the idea of celebrating more life but made no reference to a pregnancy. 34 you have been great to me. #35tmrw A few days ago, Luda shouted out Eudoxie with a Mothers Day message Read more

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