Ludacris Admits He Has A Hoarding Problem

hiphopdx August 17, 2021 Ludacris 50
Ludacris Admits He Has A Hoarding Problem

Ludacris has a tough time parting with certain items but with 22 acres of land on his Georgia estate, he doesn't have an issue finding space.

22 acres of land on his Georgia estate , he doesnt have an issue finding space. Joining The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (August 17), Luda admitted to being quite the hoarder of his stuff over the years. My wife will tell you I am the worst when it comes to hoarding, he explained. My wifes family, they still live in Africa, so everything I hoard we put on this container that goes across the water and I give it to everybody in Africa whos going to appreciate it so much more than any family members or anybody I could give to in the United States of America. I am the worst hoarder of all, trust. The conversation began when DJ Envy thanked Ludacris for sending his vintage Acura Legend from the 90s to his car show, which Ludacris still drives and has over 250,000 miles on. The car holds sentimental value with the Atlanta legend since he copped it before his mainstream rap career took off. Ive had that car now two decades, Ludacris admitted. There are things that you have for your whole life and thats one of those things thats a staple in my life. I had it before the deal and commercial success, so Im gonna ride it literally until the wheels fall off. Read more

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