Logic Officially Coming Out Of Retirement

allhiphop June 18, 2021 Logic 78
Logic Officially Coming Out Of Retirement

Rap star Logic cannot stay away from the genre that made him famous and now he's ready to return to the microphone.

ESPN recounted that moment: Rumors had been swirling about Jordan ending his 17-month retirement since he had begun practicing with the Chicago Bulls earlier in the month. Now it was time to make it official. Falk wrote a couple versions of a news release and gave them to Jordan for his consideration. He didnt like the feel of them, Falk said. He said, Ill do it myself. So, Jordan grabbed a piece of paper and wrote the two words that captured everything he wanted to say: Im back' Jordan was gone for 17 whole months, but did Logic really retire? In 2020, he formed a Hip-Hop duo with Madlib called MadGic and released two songs and a beat tape. Poor little rapper, he just cant stay away from the mic. Were gonna get some fire yall. Just wait. Posted in Read more

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