Lizzo Addresses TikTok Stage Dive Death Rumor

hiphopdx July 28, 2021 Lizzo 73
Lizzo Addresses TikTok Stage Dive Death Rumor

Lizzo addresses the silly rumor that she took a stage dive and killed someone with a funny video of her flying onto her bed with no destruction.

TikTok with a funny video dispelling the rumor she took someones life after flying off the stage. So, Ive seen a lot of annoying things about me on the internet, but the thing that bothers me the most is this rumor that I stage-dived at a concert and killed somebody, Lizzo said on her TikTok. Like, that rumor, its a lie, first of all. Ive never stage dived in my life and bitch, how, like killed somebody? Yall really going to put that on my muthafuckin name? Like, I know Im big but bitch, Im not that fuckin big. Read more

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