Lil Wayne Revisits WeezyAna Make-A-Wish Moment With 10-Year-Old #LilWayne

hotnewhiphop November 17, 2022 Lil Wayne 23
Lil Wayne Revisits WeezyAna Make-A-Wish Moment With 10-Year-Old #LilWayne

At his recent WeezyAna festival, Lil Wayne brought a 10-year-old on stage and created an unforgettable moment. He shares his story.

Link Copied to Clipboard! Share this page It was a dream come true for young Donovan who even took to the stage with the GOAT. Celebrities often help those in need make their dreams come true, and Lil Wayne did just that at his Lil WeezyAna festival. The reclusive Rap icon emerges to take to stages worldwide or to hop on a track with one of his equally famous peers. However, Weezy also shows love to his fans, including young Donovan Fitzpatrick. Months ago, Wayne hosted his coveted Lil WeezyAna Fest, and it was a show that fans couldnt get enough of. During the event, 10-year-old Donovan, who suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, met his No. 1 favorite rapper. Drake Surprises Fans At Lil Waynes Lil WeezyAna Fest In New Orleans: Watch Not only did Donovan get hugs from Wayne, but he was allowed to be onstage during the performance of Go DJ. Donovan walked away with swag that included sports jerseys and collectors items. The tender moment circulated far and wide after TMZ shared the story, and now, Weezy is giving his take on Hulus Impact. According to Complex, the series ran footage of the Make-a-Wish meet-and-greet as Lil Wayne detailed the unforgettable moment. Why have I went to crying watching this interview! A make a wish kid, Donovan DJ Fitzpatrick was at the concert. Wayne brought him on stage and dedicated Go DJ to him. Me Lieberry Queen (@aprotestnovel) Lil Wayne Crowns Jay-Z The Greatest Rapper Of All time Ive never been a part of a Make-A-Wish situation, the rapper reportedly said. Those kids, their days are so important, so vital. So for one of you wanna spend one of your days with me? He continued: After the show, I was able to look him in his eyes and tell him, No matter how many people out in the crowd tonight, no matter how many people standing to my left or my right on stage, it was you. We can only imagine Donovans excitement. These feel-good moments from our favorite rappers prove that Hip Hop reaches further than we think. Tune into Impact on Hulu, streaming now. [ Read more

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