Lil Wayne Hasnt Had Fast Food or Worked Out in 20 Years #LilWayne

thesource February 24, 2023 Lil Wayne 18
Lil Wayne Hasnt Had Fast Food or Worked Out in 20 Years #LilWayne

Lil Wayne Hasnt Had Fast Food or Worked Out in 20 Years

Hip Hop News | Trending Hip Hop Stories When youre Lil Wayne, living average is simply not an option. In fact, the Young Money CEO recently went on record stating he hasnt had fast food for the past two decades. A baffling fact, given the amount the superstar tours and performs across the country! Visit for more information Recently, the 40-year-old did an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple 1, stating that he has avoided fast food for the past 20 years. If thats not enough, he also hasnt worked out in that time period either! The convo sparked with Wayne reminiscing on moving to Miami at 19 years old. With his mom being a chef, she nudged him to hire one for himself. In fact, he tells Zane Low that he couldnt even identify the smell of McDonalds food if it was right in front of him. Fast food is simply not in his lifestyle; of course, mama knows best! Advertisement Good genes are also a factor here, with Wayne admitting he doesnt ever hit the gym or workout. He even comments how Jim Jones is one of the only gyms hes aware of. On the music tip, Wayne is excited as ever to unveil his newest record titled Kant Stop, featuring Swizz Beatz and the late, great DMX. This serves as the first single off his highly-anticipated, forthcoming album Carter VI. Wayne also plans to give his fans a nationwide tour to promote the music. Read more

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