Lil Wayne Addresses DaBaby Controversy + Trump Meeting

hiphopdx August 12, 2021 Lil Wayne 55
Lil Wayne Addresses DaBaby Controversy + Trump Meeting

Lil Wayne sat down for an interview with the 'Los Angeles Times,' in which he addressed the recent DaBaby controversy and his meeting with Donald Trump.

August 11, 2021 Wayne, who hasnt exactly shown himself to be in touch with whats happening in the world wasnt familiar with the story. But after being given the low-down by Times staff writer August Brown, Weezy offered his thoughts on the matter. Unlike fellow Hip Hop names such as Questloveand Azealia Bankswho have called DaBaby out for his remarks, Lil Wayne chalked it down to the nature of social media. You know how it does, he said. The spotlight on artists and celebrities is absolutely crazy. You dont even have to be a celebrity. Even normal people can feel like theyre wrong because their 200 followers said something. But thats the power of social media today. Later in the interview, Lil Wayne reflected on a controversial moment of his own: his meeting with former President Donald Trump The pair met shortly before the 2020 Presidential Election last October to discuss the Trump administrations proposed Platinum Plan for Black America. Wayne was later pardoned by Trumpin January, evading a possible 10-year prison sentencefor federal weapons charges following an incident at a Miami airport in 2019. Progress is always possible, Lil Wayne said when asked about how meaningful the meeting was. Brown then asked, Did you get a lot of pushback for taking that meeting?, to which Wayne replied, Nah, not at all. Read more

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