Lil Uzi Vert Hospitalizes Ex-Girlfriend, Says Her Manager

xxlmag July 04, 2021 Lil Uzi Vert 86
Lil Uzi Vert Hospitalizes Ex-Girlfriend, Says Her Manager

Lil Uzi Vert's altercation with his former girlfriend Brittany Byrd reportedly left her hospitalized.

TWEET New information has come out about what allegedly happened during a recent altercationbetween Lil Uzi Vert SAINt JHNand Uzi's former girlfriend, Brittany Byrd, in West Hollywood, Calif. Speaking exclusively with The Shade Roomin an article published on July 2, Brittany's manager, Brianna, says Uzi assaulted her client during a fit of rage, leaving Byrd hospitalized. Brianna claims Byrd was fielding a lunch meeting with JHN and director Jeymes Samuel at the Dialogue Cafe in West Hollywood, near Sunset Blvd., around 12 p.m. when Uzi pulled up in a Cadillac SUV and confronted Byrd. The Philly rapper then allegedly punched Byrd in the face multiple times and pointed a gun at her chest before fleeing the scene, according to Brianna. SAINt JHN was not involved in the tussle, as previously believed. Byrd and JHN have a strictly working relationship, says Brianna, despite the rumors that sparked when they were spotted together in Los Angeles back in March. Brittany has been trying to focus on her life and career, Brianna, whose last name was not reported, tells the site. Uzi has been stalking Brittany since they broke up. Uzi is toxic and mentally and physically abusive. He has been for years. As previously reported, the incident was initially called an altercation between Uzi and JHN. Uzi reportedly confronted JHN and threw a punch at him. Reports said witnesses saw Uzi flash a gun handle, which led to chaos. Both men reportedly left before the police arrived on the scene. New details later emerged that revealed Byrd was at the scene, too, and had a gun pressed to her stomach by the Eternal Atake rapper. Following the incident, she was taken to a local hospital. She has reportedly filed a police report. XXL has reached out to Lil Uzi Vert's camp, Brittany Byrd and the Los Angeles County Sheriff - West Hollywood Station for a comment. See 22 Hip-Hop-Related Police Raids These rappers had some serious run-ins with the police. Filed Under: Read more

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