Lil Pump Eats Cake, Cake, Cake Ahead Of His Birthday

sohh August 17, 2021 Lil Pump 45
Lil Pump Eats Cake, Cake, Cake Ahead Of His Birthday

Miami rapper Lil Pump is getting wild for his birthday. The hip-hop star went to Instagram to share how he was turning up on his almost-special day. Lil Pump

August 16, 2021 Lil Pumps Top 3 Right Now The Florida native always knows how to get controversial and get people talking, no matter what the topic. The hip-hop star has stepped up to let the world know what three rap artists are running the music industryright now. Pumper went to his Instagram page to keep things a buck. Without giving any type of context, LP shined major light on a couple of Southern rap stars and everyones favorite Philadelphia hip-hop star. Top 3 In The Game. @LilUziVert @Future @TravisScott Despite having worked with the likes of artists including Kanye West, Yeezy didnt make the cut. However, Pump did take a momentto provide context for why rap heavyweight Young Thug didnt make his list. All right, look. Those are my top three rappers. My all-time favorite artist? Its Thug. For sure. Lil Pump Claps Back At $90K Taxes Outside of rap star debates, Pump recently went to his social media pagesto keep things a buck about reports suggesting he wasnt paying what he owed the government. LP shared footage of himself wearing over $100,000 worth of jewelry on his body alone. Listen. Do not believe the Internet. Sh*t is all cap bro. 90,000? Thats on my wrist right now. Huh. Another 90? Thats on neck. Dont play with my body. Huh. Look, I done made over $15 million. Do you know what the tax bill is on $15 million? B*tch, 90 aint sh*t to me. Stop playing with my body. Alright look, I just bought this Cuban last week. This one right here? It was 50. This one was 40. Thata a tax deductible, b*tch. Lil Pumps Tax Woes Exposed The same week, reports surfaced revealingPump possibly owed nearly $100,000 to Uncle Sam. The IRS reportedly has him documented for needing to pay up for taxes dating back 2 years. According to court records obtained byRadar, the Internal Revenue Service is going after the 20-year-old rapper over a 2019 bill. Lil Pump, who endorsed former PresidentDonald Trumpin his failed reelection bid, reportedly owes a total of $89,378.68. The government placed the lien against the rappers $5 million Miami mansion.Pump owns a 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom waterfront mansion worth $4,650,000. ( Read more

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