Lil Durk Sees His Dreams Of Buying Oblock Die A Horrible Death!

allhiphop May 04, 2021 Lil Durk 112
Lil Durk Sees His Dreams Of Buying Oblock Die A Horrible Death!

Lil Durk wanted it, but somebody else got it.

Lil Durk wanted it, but somebody else got it. Rapper Lil Durk sees his dreams of buying oh block die a horrible death! Lil Durk may not be from Oblock in Chicago, but he is a representative of the area. At least, thats how I feel about it. He immediately put in a bid to buy the infamous housing project. That is the home of King Von and other legendary artists. Not to mention, Michelle Obama is from there too. But I digress, Lil Durk is not from there but he put in a bid through Twitter to buy it. No matter what the cost! Will Lil Durk Buy Up OBlock? The only thing is thats not exactly how business is done, even though I thought there was an opportunity for something to happen! That said, Oblock has already sold to some mogul or corporate group for an undisclosed amount. It was sold almost immediately after the tweet of it being on sale was made public. That probably means that it was sold before the new story was even made. You know how these things go. Business to business, somebody let somebody else know that it was going to go on the market and it was probably sold before a reporter even caught wind of it. That said, people are now wondering what will become of the housing project. If you look at it it looks like a great, gated community, but we all know that those gates are to keep the Black people in and the conditions inside as well. Folks are earnestly wondering if and when gentrification will kick in at this point. It really does look like a nice place to live at face value, but we all know that the violence and crime that occurs in that area is worldk-nown now. And I am sure that is not the only thing that happens there, but unfortunately certain rappers have really promoted it as such and they dont rap about the cookouts or whatever else positive they do there. That said, what will become of the residents there.? Will the new owners replace the entire population and swap them out with a lighter shade of human, now that theres new ownership? Will their rents now go up? Will they turn this place into a condominium or a luxury housing facility now that theres new ownership? If somebody got it, there most be some paper to be made. I almost wish Lil Durk did buy it because I would love to see what he did with the place. I am not sure that he is built for that type of management, because he is a rapper. But his ambition was pure, I am sure. What do you think about all of this? By the way, there is no record of who actually bought Parkway Gardens aka Oblock. I guess that is how private ownership goes. Lil Durk can buy some other land in the hood for people in need. Posted in Rumors Read more

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