Lil Durk Didn't Get Punched At Casino; Man In Viral Video Identified #LilDurk

allhiphop July 19, 2022 Lil Durk 20
Lil Durk Didn't Get Punched At Casino; Man In Viral Video Identified #LilDurk

Lil Durk was misidentified as the victim in a viral fight video, which showed a man getting punched at a casino.

Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window) Rumors about Lil Durk or his look-alike getting punched at a casino arent true. A man named James Lett IVhas been identified as the actual victim in a video of a casino brawl. Lil Durk and Lett have similar hairstyles, which led to the rumor spiraling out of control online. Lett reacted to being misidentified as the Alamo Records rapper on Instagram Stories. Theres no such thing as a bad press, he wrote in one post. He also shared a screenshot of someone asking why people thought he was Lil Durk. People are dumb thats why only 1% of the world is rich, Lett wrote. 99% of people dont know anything. Lil Durks recent social media activity seemingly bolstered the wild speculation regarding the viral video. He announced a Twitterhiatus on Saturday (July 16). Ima take a break off this s### ima be back soon, he wrote. Lil Durk deactivated his Instagram account as well. Im finna disappear for a minute, he said in a video posted prior to the deactivation. Finna lock in, come back a thousand times stronger. Some monster s###. Every time I pop back up, its that. View the video that sparked the rumors below. Share AllHipHop | Read more

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