Lil Baby Supports George Floyd's Family At White House Meeting

sohh May 26, 2021 Lil Baby 111
Lil Baby Supports George Floyd's Family At White House Meeting

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby is supporting George Floyd and his family in an unforgettable way. The Grammy-nominated artist was present at a White House meeting toda

May 25, 2021 Travis Scott + Lil Baby Spark Utopia Collab Rumors In May 2021, in response to the image circulating around of Houston rapper Travis Scott and Baby in the studio, fans are speculating Lil Baby will be joining Scotton his upcoming Utopia album. This is a deadly collab, especially if travis takes the lead. This finna go Diamond bout to be flames Lil Baby + Danny Wolf Drop New Song W/ Visual In mid-May 2021, Lil Baby was shining in the visually trippy video for Slidin, his new single with Danny Wolf. The song drops a couple of weeks before the anticipated joint albumwith Baby and Lil Durk thats slated for May 28. Baby has quickly become one of the most sought-after features in the industry, with seemingly every song hes on becoming a hit. Lil Baby & Danny Wolf Slidin (Directed By Cameron Nichols) Lil Baby + Lil Durk Plan For Late-May Album Release Earlier this month, Chicago and Atlanta linked up like Justin Fields throwing a touchdown pass to Julio Jones. Hip-hop heavyweights Lil Durk and Lil Babys Windy City + ATL joint albumis coming soon, and now we may know the exact release date. The voice of the heros may28th what yall think.. @lilbaby How Does Voice Of The Heroes Dropping May 28 Sound? Im Tryna See Some Read more

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