Lil Baby & Khlo Kardashian Spotted At Lunch, Twitter Reacts #LilBaby

hiphopwired April 26, 2023 Lil Baby 18
Lil Baby & Khlo Kardashian Spotted At Lunch, Twitter Reacts #LilBaby

Lil Baby & Khlo Kardashian were spotted having lunch together and the speculation that the pair is dating ran wild on Twitter.

Lil Baby and Khlo Kardashian became a hot topic of discussion this week after images of the pair surfaced online while dining out with others. Naturally, speculation that the pair are currently dating cropped up and some fans are warning Lil Baby of avoiding the so-called Kardashian Curse. Lil Baby, 28, and Khlo Kardashian, 38, were seen in images posted by the social media account @HipHopTies, featuring the two dining with a group during a daytime gathering. In one image, the rapper born Dominique Jones is seen laughing and smiling at another patron across from him while Kardashian enjoys her meal. In another photo, the My Turn star is seen talking with Kardashian looking on. Of course, dining out with other celebrities is something popular figures and entertainers often do without any hint of romantic involvement. Still, the pairing of Baby and Kardashian seemed to come out of left field for many observers. Further, it isnt known how close the Atlanta artist is to the sprawling Kardashian empire or how long hes been connected to the family. The images gave rise to commentary from Twitter fans who think the photos suggest a close relationship that neither Baby nor Kardashian previously spoke about. The reactions on Twitter range from flat-out curiosity to grim warnings of getting away from the Kardashians. Weve got reactions from all sides below.

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