Lil Baby + Jackboy Are Building A Hospital In Haiti

sohh September 02, 2021 Lil Baby 39
Lil Baby + Jackboy Are Building A Hospital In Haiti

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby knows it's deeper than rap. The hip-hop star is reportedly going to be working with Florida rapper Jackboy to help make a difference.

September 1, 2021 Lil Baby Calls People Filming Him Touching Woman In Club Creeps LB is always trying to help people, but he is not a stranger to scandal. From rumors of him cheating on his then-girlfriend Jayda Cheaves with multiple adult film starsto being arrested in Paris, he has has been through it all. Its the reason why when a video surfaced back in late July 2021 of him touching a woman in a way some deem to be seductive he was prepared to defend himself. After his performance at Rolling Loud Miami, Lil Baby hit the clubs. This trip to the venues wasnt without scandal as video surfaced of Lil Baby caressing an unknown womans shoulders appeared on social media. This video was then reposted with a caption asking followers to caption the footage. Lil Baby then took it upon himself to defend his honor in the comment section, calling the person who recorded him a creep and asking for everyone to just let him live. Let me live !! I was telling her to get girls out our section !! Yall be creeps fr !! Tf is you recording me Lil Baby + James Harden Turn Up At Rolling Loud The mystery woman in the club isnt the only person Lil Baby has a tight bond with. He and NBA All-Star James Harden really are best friends . After going across the globe for Paris Fashion Week and getting in legal trouble theyve returned to the United States and took their friendship goals to the South. Harden and Lil Baby were seen turning upat the Rolling Loud Miami music festival. The Brooklyn Nets superstar rocked a throwback Snoop Dogg shirt while they clocked in their friend goals. Lil Baby Arrested In Paris LB almost had to be behind bars for a minute. The hip-hop heavyweight was recently arrested in Paris France. Lil Baby and Harden were busted by the Paris police The latter was detained and released, but the Woah crooner was taken in after authorities allegedly found 20 grams of cannabis in the glovebox of a car he was in. The pair were in the city for Paris Fashion Week. Baby was seated in the back of a police van and appeared to be handcuffed local reports say he was among 3 people arrested for some sort of marijuana-related charge. The report said the vehicle the men were traveling in was pulled over and officers could smell marijuana. There were allegedly 20 grams of weed discovered. ( Read more

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