LBS Kee'vin: Putting On For Pensacola, Florida & Taking Over The Rap Game

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LBS Kee'vin: Putting On For Pensacola, Florida & Taking Over The Rap Game

Check out this detailed Q&A with Pensacola, Florida rapper LBS Kee'vin!

LBS Keevin is here to become one of the greats, and hes well on his way. Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, the rising rapper comes equipped with his own distinct voice and sound, having girls rave his signature tag: SHE FEIGNIN FOR LBS KEEVIN! In describing himself, he states, Im an outgoing person around the people I know. Im probably quiet around people I dont know, but Im a pretty fun person. With an all-star personality comes his undeniable trap bangers, spitting his truth and telling his story while inspiring the masses that they too can make their wildest dreams come true. Growing up raised by a single mother in the hood, Keevin fondly remembers listening to his Top 3: Boosie, Lil Wayne, and Jeezy artists he still listens to today. He adds, Ill never stop bumping them. Racking up over a million streams, the 25-year-old recently signed a deal with Visionary Records/Columbia Records. Following his previous release with Shining featuring 42 Dugg, Keevin returned with a slew of bangers including Hood Dreams ft. FCB Heem, Fredo Bang-assisted Soul Burden, Run Wit It, and his latest effort Thats Life with OMB Peezy. AllHipHop: What was it like growing up with a single mother in Pensacola? LBS Keevin: It was pretty much the same thing with any hood, a child growing up in the hood. Its certain struggles but same ole same ole. Nothing too bad. AllHipHop: What was a young Keevin like then? LBS Keevin: Stayed outside 24/7. We used to play football in the street barefoot, sun up to sun down. AllHipHop: When did music come into play and what artists made you want to get into it? LBS Keevin: It wasnt anyone in particular, I just enjoyed the lifestyle. The fast life: the cars, the diamonds, all that type of stuff. I was going to get there one way or another whether it was in the streets or rapping, so I thought let me try it. I had a 3 bedroom house at the time so I took one of the rooms and built a studio in there. I started from there. AllHipHop: At what point did you realize that you could do rap for a living? LBS Keevin: Probably the first few songs I recorded, I thought damn, I might have something. When I first started rapping, I had a sense of what people really want to hear. I found a way to put my story into it and create my own lane. Ive been rapping for 2 years now, I feel like Im just now perfecting it. AllHipHop: What makes you feel like youre perfecting it now? LBS Keevin: You find your sound. Certain songs, theyll be clean all the way through. Its just fluent. Once you start doing fluent songs all the way through, 2 verses with the hook you do that a few times in a row, youll know. Okay, Ive found it. AllHipHop: Talk about Loyal Bag Suppliers and when you picked that up. LBS Keevin: My friends and I were trying to think of a name. Something that has a street meaning too, but its like a double entendre. It doesnt have to have a street term. If youre supplying a bag or youre bringing a bag home, then you can be a Bag Supplier. AllHipHop: What did Boston George do for your career? LBS Keevin: I went on YouTube, I found a beat and I locked in on it. It used to take me a long time to record. It took me about 3 days to record Boston George but after I finally finished it, I knew. I thought to myself Damn, I know this s### gonna catch on. After I dropped it, my momma put me in a contest on Worldstar. I didnt even know about it. About two weeks later, I found out that I won. They put me on the front page, I had over a million views on the first day. All types of s###. Crazy. AllHipHop: What was your moms reaction? LBS Keevin: She said she knew it was gonna happen, thats why she put it there. Shes my #1 fan for sure. Shes done so much. She woke me up out of my sleep yelling, telling me I won the contest. I still didnt know what exactly was going on. 2 days later, my video was on the front page and thats when labels started calling. AllHipHop: How did you find your way to Columbia? LBS Keevin: I got a distribution deal with Columbia. Im actually signed with Sony/Visionary Records. Out of all my meetings I had with record labels, it felt like they had the family vibe pretty much. It wasnt like they were looking at me like a dollar sign. AllHipHop: Run Wit It is out now. Bring us back to that recording session, you snapped. LBS Keevin: That s###s going crazy on YouTube right now. Sometimes, I dont even check it. Every other 2 days, I remember like oh I do have a video out right now. When I check it, it goes up every single time. It hits me like damn, Im an artist thatll pull the beat out and whatever the beat pulls out of me, thats what gonna happen. Its literally a natural talent for me, I dont really gotta try too hard. AllHipHop: What do you want fans to get from that record? LBS Keevin: That Im versatile. Theyre used to me harmonizing and singing. On that record, Im straight going in. They can expect different types of beats this time around. I want the people to know that I can get on any type of beat and ha Read more

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