Kodak Black Shooting Was Reportedly Targeted Hit

hiphopdx April 07, 2021 Kodak Black 108
Kodak Black Shooting Was Reportedly Targeted Hit

According to TMZ, law enforcement said they believe Kodak Black was basically the target of an assassination attempt, not an armed robbery.

Police Reportedly Confirm Kodak Black Shooting Was A Targeted Hit Published on:Apr 7, 2021, 8:26 AM by 0 Tallahassee, FL Kodak Blackwasnt looking for a McRib or golden brown french fries when he pulled into a Tallahassee, Florida McDonalds in the wee hours of Monday morning (April 5). Instead, he and his security were ambushed by at least one gunman in the parking lot of the popular fast food restaurant. The Pompano Beach natives entourage had just left an after party at Bajas Beach Club and was allegedly followed by several vehicles. As they attempted to cut Yak off, they stopped at the McDonalds where the assailants opened fire from their vehicle, leaving one security guard with serious injuries. Now, police can confirm it was a targeted hit and they just missed their target. View this post on Instagram Read more

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