Kodak Black Ready to File Lawsuit Against Jackboy

thesource August 03, 2021 Kodak Black 82
Kodak Black Ready to File Lawsuit Against Jackboy

Kodak Black has still not let up off his former friend and signee, Jackboy. The rapper took to Instagram this morning to announce that he may file a lawsuit.

Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information I Still Aint Get My Money From This Ungrateful Lil Bitch Yet, the Gleerious rapper wrote on Instagram & Whats Krazy A N***a Aint Even TRYING 2 Make These People Send Dat , No Kinda Effort To , But If I File This Lawsuit Or Sumn Ima B Green. Kodak and Jackboy surprised fans when the two went back and forth on social media in June. Jackboy took the argument to another level after throwing over 100,000 into the ocean, claiming that he didnt need any money that he made from Jackboy. Advertisement I Was Too Busy Showin Love I Aint See Da Signs , When You Needed Me Pussy I Came Thru Everytime , Whether You Was Right Or Wrong Fuck N***a I Was Riding . But You Envied MeN***a In Da Back Of Yo Mind, the rapper wrote on Instagram. Jackboy has yet to respond to the foolery. Do you think the two can just make amends? Read more

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