Kodak Black Disses Jay-Z In Defense of Tory Lanez #ToryLanez

hiphopwired December 28, 2022 Tory Lanez 15
Kodak Black Disses Jay-Z In Defense of Tory Lanez #ToryLanez

Kodak Black is the latest celebrity to give their head*ss opinion on Tory Lanez being found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Like the ridiculous petition started by fans and Lanezs father, Sonstar Peterson, and other family members, Black also stupidly believes that Jay-Z and Roc Nation have something to do with the trials outcome. Kodak Black Thinks Jay-Z Is A F*ck N*gga In an Instagram Live session, the rapper shared his unwanted opinion, chastising the victim in all of this, Megan Thee Stallion, for speaking on the matter while dissing the GOD MC, Jay-Z. Via HipNMore : Who advised this sh*t before Christmas? And Jay-Z standing behind this, you a f*ck n*gga homie, Kodak said, dissing Jay-Z and believing the wild rumors that his company Roc Nation has a big role to play in the case. And Meg, you supposed to be from the streets . even it was a gunshot on your foot (and not pavement fragments) I know a b*tch who got shot in the toe, too. I know a female who got shot in the toe. You dont see her talking about sending n*ggas to jail. He also called Tory a good n*gga. This shit aint right, homie. For real, bro, Kodak continued. And Tory Lanez a good nigga, broThis shit fu**ing with my Christmas Eve. Everybody shit aint for me to speak on. But its like ni**as aint finna talk about that. Ni**as finna act like this shit aint never happen. I dont know. I wasnt in the courtroom. But at the same time, if it is some fu**ed up shit going on, ni**as aint gonna wanna say nothing because of the politics bullshit. And all of this Jay-Z shit. But I dont like that shit nan bit. You can watch Kodak Black spew his stupidity below.

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