Kendrick Lamar Takes A Stab At Acting Again! #KendrickLamar

allhiphop June 05, 2022 Kendrick Lamar 45
Kendrick Lamar Takes A Stab At Acting Again! #KendrickLamar

K-Dot is back in a major way and its more than rapping. It is the thespian Kendrick Lamar.

Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window) Kendrick! It looks like Kendrick Lamar is taking his show on the road, in a special way. The Compton rapper has a standout song on his album called We Cry Together, which is almost like an owed to black love. Black love in all of its mini flaws, foilables and failures. Buyt love nonetheless. Anyway, theres a short film playing for six days only in Los Angeles and it seems like people are really interested! So, it looks as if its playing in downtown Los Angeles so folks like myself wont be able to make it! That sucks! Anyway, Kendrick has gotten his acting chops presented in a number of ways and hes a pretty good actor I have to say. I am not looking for Denzel Washington out of him, but I do expect something dope. So I would not advise you to flock to the theater if you can because this is going to sell out quickly. And by the way, shout out to Taylour who is the costar of this mini film shes pretty amazing on the song. Read more

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