Kehlani Comes Out as a Lesbian

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Kehlani Comes Out as a Lesbian

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April 7, 2021 Kehlani has been an outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community. Back in 2018, she took to Twitter to clarify that she identifies as queer, but previously saidthat she was not a lesbian, despite being labeled as much. Never have I identified as a lesbian, she said in a livestream You guys kinda saw me publicly date a woman, which Ive done multiple times, you just havent peeped. The 25-year-old singer graces the April/May 2021 cover of The Advocate where she opened up about her sexuality and how she is viewed by others. I didnt even really have to come out in my private life, said Kehlani. I dont walk down the street and people look at me and go, Oh, I bet shes queer or I bet that shes into women or anything like that because of the way I present. Kehlani, who gave birth to her daughter Adeya in 2018, also recognizes the privilege she has as a cisgender-presenting, straight-presenting person. I have a lot of privilege, she admitted. I think a lot of artists who we talk about and say, Oh, they had to come out or they had to do this, a lot of them cant hide it. A lot of it is very in how they present. Its tougher for them. Its tougher for trans artists. Its tougher for Black gay men. Its tougher for Black masculine gay women. Read more

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