Kanye West To Pay Kim Kardashian $200K In Child Support #KanyeWest

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Kanye West To Pay Kim Kardashian $200K In Child Support #KanyeWest

Kimye divorce finalized. Kanye West to pay Kim Kardashian $200K in child support, and both parents have equal access to their four children.

CLOSE Source: Gotham / Getty At long last Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have finally settled the saga known as their divorce proceedings. But its going to be leaving Kanyes pockets a lot lighter every month for the foreseeable future. According to TMZ, Kim is taking Kanye to the cleaners for child support and has been blessed with a monthly payout of $200,000. This comes on the heels of Kanye losing all kinds of endorsement deals following his antisemitic statements. On the bright side for Ye, he was granted equal access to their kids and even picked up North West from school Tuesday and took her to the mall. Still, for someone who lost his billionaire status overnight and might continue to lose out on millions going forward as he continues to push his far-right point of views, $200K a month is going to hurt his pockets sooner or later. According to the settlement, Kanye will pay Kim $200,000 a month in child support. Our sources say Kanyes not footing the full bill for child support thats just his share. In addition, hes responsible for 50% of their kids educational expenses, including tuition. Hes also responsible for 50% of their childrens security expenses. Now, this is interesting if theres ever a dispute regarding the children, Kim and Kanye agree they will participate in mediation. If one of them fails to participate, the other gets to make the decision in a dispute by default. Not hard to read between the lines. As for the $200k its due the first day of each month and must be wired into her account. Well, at least Ye can afford it for now. As for the properties the two shared, itll be divided up in accordance with their pre-nuptial agreement, and luckily for Ye, Kim waived spousal support as did he.Though the marriage did last seven years, many felt it was only a matter of time before the Kardashian Kurse struck and led to the demise of Kanye West and their marriage. Were not saying that said curse actually exists, but Kanye did go from saying George Bush doesnt care about Black people to caping for the former Racist-In-Chief, Donald Trump, and dining with Nazis at Mar-A-Lago. Just sayin. What do yall think of Kimye finally settling their divorce? Let us know in the comments section below.

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