Kanye West Holds Secret YEEZY Season 10 Fashion Show In LA #KanyeWest

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Kanye West Holds Secret YEEZY Season 10 Fashion Show In LA #KanyeWest

Kanye West held a secret YEEZY Season 10 fashion show in LA where he gave away free t-shirts that look like they wouldn't last one wash cycle.

CLOSE Source: MEGA / Getty Kanye West might be on the outs with the fashion industry due to his antisemitic rants and social media posts, but if yall thought that would keep him away from the game, yall dont know the Black Skinhead rapper. Highsnobiety is reporting that Monday (May 1), Kanye West held a secret fashion show for his YEEZY Season 10 line where he used a gang of models with shaved heads (of course) to rock his latest collection, which consisted of tight t-shirts and pants that wouldve made Derek Vinyard proud (American History X reference). From Highsnobiety: YEEZY SEASON 10s set was sparse. It was held in a rugged-looking store in West Hollywood, with little of note aside from barren industrial walls, rows of lightly-dressed models holding candles, and a sound system. Yes YEEZY SEASON 10 invite, posted by the typical Ye stan pages (Yes preferred form of communication these days), didnt actually mention YEEZY SEASON 10 by name, simply stating YZY FREE as the events title. Related Stories Drake Samples Kim Kardashian On Latest Track Mommy Interestingly enough the event was held not too far from adidas flagship store on Melrose as well. Could Kanye West be trying to troll adidas for giving him the pink-slip, or was it just a happy coincidence? Regardless of whether or not Kanye is still holding a grudge against adidas for making the logical choice of cutting ties with him after threatening to go death con 3 on the Jewish community, it seems like hes not giving up his designer dreams and will continue to produce attire that youll rarely see out in the wild on anyone in their right mind (no shots). As for the people in attendance, everyone walked away with a free t-shirt that looks like it wouldnt survive a single wash cycle. Just sayin. It will be interesting to see if Kanye actually produces these pieces on his own dime or is attempting to court another brand to take a chance on him in his current toxic state. Either way, we dont see his new collection garnering much interest on social media. What do yall think of Kanye West holding a secret Yeezy fashion show? Let us know in the comments section below. RELATED TAGS Read more

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