Joe Budden Disagrees With Jim Jones' Pusha T Vs. Big Sean Comments #BigSean

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Joe Budden Disagrees With Jim Jones' Pusha T Vs. Big Sean Comments #BigSean

Joe Budden has disputed Jim Jones claim that Big Sean is a more deserving Top 50 rapper than Pusha T, saying hes emphatically incorrect.

Joe Budden has disputed Jim Jones claim that Big Sean is a better rapper than Pusha T, saying hes emphatically incorrect. The Dipset member made the contentious comments during a recent appearance on The RapCaviar Podcast while discussing Billboards Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time list, on which Pusha is ranked 29th. Capo acknowledged that the Clipse MC is a talented lyricist, but argued he hasnt made enough of a cultural impact to be considered a Top 50 rapper of all time. He went so far as to say this his former G.O.O.D. Music label mate Big Sean is more deserving of the nod. What has done that puts him in the Greatest Rappers of All Time besides talking about coke that he probably didnt get himself? Jones said with a chuckle. Hes nice! Hes nice as fuck, he can rap his ass off. But what has he done? Nobody has dressed like him, nobody wants to be like Pusha T. I dont remember nothing. And lets not be evil, but we dont talk about rap where the n-ggas thats popping, the bitches wanna fuck and the n-ggas wanna be like. I dont know too many n-ggas in this game that was leaning towards being like Pusha T. He continued: I would put Big Sean before Pusha T Camron before Pusha T. Bro, you go in these clubs, I dont know no records they play in the club with Pusha T. They dont play his shit outside NBA YoungBoy before Pusha T. Thats how I feel about Pusha T being on the Top 50. Im not saying he dont get busy, not saying he dont got platinum records, not saying he not part of G.O.O.D. Music, not saying hes not part of all of these things but hes not the leader of his bunch. Jim Jones and Trent Clark dont think Pusha T should be on the 50 Greatest Rapper list. Bootleg Kev and Jinx disagree. What do you think? April 7, 2023 Joe Budden addressed Jim Jones remarks on his eponymous podcast this week, and said the Harlem native is flat-out wrong for his assessment. I do feel like Pusha belongs in the Top 50, he said. Of course I respect what Jim has to say about the issue, but I think hes putting a Harlem criteria on all of Hip Hop with this, Who wanted to dress like him? Do the n-ggas wanna be like him? Do the girls wanna fuck him? That sounds very Harlem of him. And the answer to that is no, because Pusha T is not selling 100,000 copies week one today. But that dont take away from his artistry, what hes done, who hes done it with, where hes done it, his songs, his singles hes got it. I think Jim Jones is incorrect saying that Big Sean should be ranked higher than Pusha T on their list. I am emphatically saying you could not be more wrong Sean just got here in 2012 somewhere around there. And he did everything he needed to do, sold a bunch of records, but now, its a little on the quieter side. Im saying this respectfully. We in 2023 thats 10 years. April 8, 2023 When asked if Seans purported career decline is due to his well-documented label issues and not necessarily his own doing, Budden replied: I dont know and I havent spoken to him, so I wont assume. All I can say for fact is: 10 years later, its on the quieter side of things. So yall out there have to put a little more respect on the people that are 20 years in. Recapping Pusha Ts journey in first person, he continued: Ive been through mad different waves of music. Ive been through different labels. Ive had the Pharrell beats, Ive had not Pharrell beats. Ive been in a group. I had to do it by myself when my brother wanted to go be in the church. I know it was a big deal when they broke up, so to get with Kanye, work behind the scenes. Hes done a lot. I cant put Big Sean in front of Pusha T. I almost cant even listen to somebody say that! Co-host Ish then chimed in and suggested that Jim Jones harsh comments about Pusha T might be rooted in loyalty to Drake, who brought Dipset out at Harlems Apollo Theater earlier this year. Capo has been nothing but complimentary of the 6 God since that show, crowning him the fifth member of The Diplomats while also arguing his case as the greatest rapper of all time above Billboards No. 1 pick, JAY-Z. The relevancy that he keeps showing year after year, hit after hit, record after record. Any song that he has put out has seemed to go multiple platinum. Thats never happened before in history, Jones said of Drizzys dominance during a recent interview with Complex. I mean, there are a few other people that do astronomical numbers like that, but he really in it, you know what I mean? From all angles of music. It aint no place you go where theyre not going to play some Drake records to get the party started. He moves around here like the real Bruce Wayne. Hes my spirit animal, man. Specifically addressing the Drake-JAY-Z comparisons, he said: What has done to this game is astronomical, hes like Michael Jordan for what he has put on and what he has done since he came in the game and where hes at right now. But Jay exited music a long time ago. And that space, that void, I dont know if its a void, but Read more

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